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We decided in 2014 to start breeding a second breed and started looking for our foundation. In 2016 we bought our first dachshund, a smaller dog than shar-pei but with just as much personality! We completely fell in love with this adorable yet goofy breed and we will be having our very first litter Spring 2018.

More about this breed

Dachshunds are very smart and especially stubborn, meaning they require a firm training when they are young so they don't pick up bad habits. Aside from that, they are extremely curious, playful and affectionate, making them little clowns that are certain to brighten up your life!

Tests, genetics, pedigree

We selected our first two females from a trusted breeder to have a solid base for our breeding program. Both are CKC registered and are show quality. They are PRA clear (Progressive Retinal Atrophy  is a term for retinal degenerations occurring in many breeds of dog). Their patellas were also evaluated by veterinarian

We strongly suggest you keep your little dog active and fit because they sure love to eat. If you"re interested in a dachshund, you need to know about IVDD ( (intervertebral disc disease) that is a condition affecting about 25% of dachshunds as well as some other breeds. They have little discs between their vertebrate – sort of like jelly-filled donuts, that act as cushions between the vertebra and problems can occur when these "cushions" dehydrate.The symptoms to watch for are 

Unwillingness to jump.

Pain and weakness in rear legs (lameness)

Anxious behavior.

Muscle spasms over back or neck.

Hunched back or neck with tense muscles.

Reduced appetite and activity level.

Loss of bladder and/or bowel control (urinary and fecal incontinence, respectively).

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