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About shar peis

Truth or Myth?

There are a lot of misconceptions about Shar-Peis. One of the most commonly asked questions is whether one must clean between their wrinkles. The answer is no. The required skin care is the same as for any other breed. The number one reason they would get yeast infections or other skin problems is because of their diet.

See below to learn more!

Another misconception about the breed is their temperament. Because of their appearance, people sometimes assume they are aggressive dogs. Although they can be protective and dislike surprise, they are no more dangerous than other breeds.  It is important to socialize them well.  Their character will be determined by the way they are raised. 

Food and skin

Nutrition is key to maintaining a Shar-Pei's health.  See what to look for. when choosing your pei's food and treats.

Eyes & Ears care

Proper care of their eyes and ears is essential. See what preventive measures we take with our puppies.

Tests & Genetics

All there is to know about Orthopedics Foundation for Animals (OFA) and Shar-Pei Auto-Inflammatory Disease (SPAID), as well as other genetic health problems.

Vaccines & Health

Shar-Peis' immune systems and natural alternatives to care for them, as well as information about what vaccines to avoid and why.

Standard, Coat types & colours

Shar-Pei come in 3 different coat and a wide verity of colours 

Temperament & Socialisation

What is the Shar-Pei's temperament and how to properly socialize them to make canine good citizens!

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