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John Chris Daigle

BlueBear Shar Pei since 2015

In 2013, I wanted to find an activity that would help me unwind. That's why I decided to buy Bear, which I showed in Canada and the USA.

I enjoyed showing a lot and was quite successful.

  Bear won the Canadian Shar-Pei  National's in 2014, and then went on to become a Canadian Grand Champion.

That's when I decided to start reproducing shar pei's and bought my first female with the help of another breeder. I showed Macy and she became a champion before her first litter. 

Soon after, I bought Zeus, a beautiful blue male that I made champion. That's when I knew what would be my breeding tag : BlueBear, in the name of my first two males.

Sadly Bear's tests came back and we were disappointed that he did not meet the standards that we put in place for our breeding program, so we decided to never breed him. Our Grand Champion is now neutered and a happy couch potato! 

Still, I learned a lot through these experiences and became very natural in a show ring, which is an important asset when breeding. I gave a lot of my time to other dog buyers and became a good trainer.

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