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Eyes and Ears


If you're not familiar with entropian, just know that it is the most common problem with Shar Pei eyes, along with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) and Primary Lens Luxation (PLL). When the eyelid rolls inwards towards the eye, eyelashes rub the cornea, which leads to irritation and to ulcers. The dog will rub its eyes or won't open them. It is very painful. If not treated, it can result in blindness. 

Eye tacking 

A good breeder will have the eyelids "tacked" when the pups won't naturally open their eyes, so the eyelid is unrolled while the head is growing. But keep in mind that it is a PREVENTIVE measure.  If the dog is finished growing, it won't help.(Usually good if it's done before 8 months) Here are 2 cream pups so you can see the stitches. This is done under light sedation (mask) at 3 weeks of age.


Shar Pei hate to have wet ears. That is why we suggest you use ear cleaning powder when you see your dog shaking its head or scratching its ears. When you see too much secretions, then you can use liquid to "flush" the ears and help get rid of debris.We like zymox line of products. And inflammation is also a problem that could make their ear canal very narrow, so it"s better to put liquid often to hope that a few drops will reach the canal.

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