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Temperament & Socialisation

IT is much more safer for you to keep in mind that Shar pei are not good with other dogs. We work hard to try to make them social dogs but it isn't in their nature. Yes some are sociable and likes other dogs. But in general, you need to evaluate one dog at the time. It is VERY important to invest time to train your puppy and be firm even if you think they are so adorable. This precious time will define your future adult dog.


Expose your puppy to different situations and people. Do it a lot specially before 4 monts old.

Leave them alone

You want to avoid separation anxiety. They need to get used to be at friend"s place or alone at home at  young age.

 But  Supervise

Other dogs have problems interpreting the shar pei's energy. If a puppy gets bitten by another dog, it will be difficult with unknown dogs

Shar pei are generally really easy going. They are a kind of dog that will adapt to their owner(s), so no matter if you are active or more laid back, your dog will fit right in. Choosing between a brush or horse coat could have an impact on the dog's energy level, so be sure to know exactly what you are looking for so we can match you with the right puppy. 

They make great family pet as long as they are properly socialized during their early formative months.  They usually are aloof with strangers and won't accept to be pet at first time. 

Our litters are raised in our home with us and other dogs.  They are taken to our grooming salon around their sixth week so they can meet people, be manipulated and see other animals, but you need to keep doing it and subject them to a lot of different scenarios and people. We do our best to expose them to other dogs, but keep in mind that the original Shar Pei is not really a dog that loves other dogs.

Here is what the CKC says about temperament:

Regal, alert, intelligent, dignified, lordly, scowling, sober and snobbish,

essentially independent and somewhat standoffish with strangers, but

extreme in his devotion to his family. The Shar-Pei stands firmly on the

ground with a calm, confident stature.

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