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Vaccines and Health

Beware of over vaccination

This page's goal isn't to criticize veterinary practice, but rather talk about our own experiences and opinions, which are backed by many sources.

Vaccines aren't always beneficial for Shar Pei

Shar Pei immune systems are more fragile than most other breeds.

We suggest not to vaccinate or only doing it when it's a puppy. Spend your money on good food and probiotics to keep a healthy gut. Up to 60% of their health lies in their digestive system...

The vaccine itself doesn't protect against a virus

It's the dog's immune system that, in contact with the dead virus in a vaccine, will create a protection against this specific strain. It demands work from the immune system, so the dog needs to be in good health, not already sick, not fevering, too old nor too young, etc... This ''battle'' taking place in their body can take up to 14 days. And please don't forget that some vaccines's ingredients are armful.

Forget about the leptospirosis vaccine for Shar Pei!

This vaccine will often be suggested to you when you visit a veterinarian. Its purpose is to protect against certain bacteria carrying the virus from wild animal waste that can be in a natural water source. There is a total of six strains of leptospirosis and veterinarians can't vaccinate against them all.The side effects of this vaccine are more dangerous than the illness itself.

Side effects of vaccines are very serious!

If your Shar Pei reacted to a vaccine, please do not give them any more. The reaction can  start being noticeable up to a few weeks after the vaccine. Generally the dog will have a fever, will refuse to eat and will shake. They would only want to sleep.  It's very important to keep them well hydrated, so force them to drink and give them a hydration drink if needed.

Delajoie Bluebear's dogs are not vaccinated...

...And yet we spend a lot of time around many different kind of water sources. We live in the country with other wild animals. WE focus on good nutrition and healthy gut to decrease the risks.

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